Lütfiye KARASAKA, Hakan KARABÖRK, Hasan Bilgehan MAKİNECİ, Atiye ONURLU, Gizem İŞLER


Anatolian lands have many valuable cultural heritages in herited from the past to present because they have been home to many different cultures and civilizations throughout history. Nowadays restoration and documentation studies are carried out in order to keep these works alive and transfer them to next generations. For this purpose, classical or modern techniques are prefered. The terrestrial photogrammetry method, which is one of the modern measurement and evaluation techniques, offers economical, practical, accurate and 3D solutions for architectural surveys. When the 3D modeling studies are examined in the literature, it is generally observed that weight is given to external facade surveying of works. However, many of the works hosted by Anatolia are also actually rich with interior architecture. Numerous Masjid and Mosque examples can be given of these works. Inparticular, the domed interior spaces geometry of mosques and masjids provide information about the architectural and engineering knowledge of the period they were built. 
In this study, indoor 3D modeling study of Sırçalı Masjid in located in the Karatay district of Konya province was carried out by using the terrestrial photogrammetry method. The Masjid was built in the single-domed masjid type of Seljuk period. The single-domed masjid type is a type of building with square or rectangular base area. However, in order for the dome design to fit in to a square or rectangular sub-structure, a transitional element is needed. The Turkish Triangle was used as transition elementst of facilitate the transition from a square-shaped sub-structure to a circular structure in Sırçalı Masjid. With this study, the dome transition elements, which are difficult to model in terms of classical architectural survey, have been modeled successfully by the terrestrial photogrammetry technique in a short time. It has also been proven that terrestrial photogrammetry can be used effectively in the indoor 3D modelling projects. 

Anahtar Kelimeler

Indoor 3D Modelling Terrestrial Photogrammetry Indoor Architecture Masjid or Mosque Architecture

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