Based on Rytov method, on-axis scintillation index of laser communication link in a weak oceanic medium is formulated for collimated annular beam. Employing these obtained scintillation values, average bit error rate (<BER>) is evaluated where the intensity has log-normal distribution. Scintillation indices of collimated annular beams are found for fixed primary source size , varying annular beam thickness, propagation distance , source size , the rate of dissipation of the mean squared temperature , non-dimensional parameter representing the relative strength of temperature and salinity fluctuation . <BER> versus the source size and the average signal to noise <SNR> found for the collimated annular beams are exhibited for various rate of dissipation of  turbulent kinetic energy per unit mass of fluid  and source sizes . At the stated link lengths, as secondary source size of annular beam equals to zero, that is, for Gaussian beam, <BER> will offer more advantages.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Oceanic turbulence; Ocean optics; Optical communication; Scintillation; BER

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