In the present study, it was aimed to optimize the removal of reactive blue 19 dye by using peanut shells as a low-cost adsorbent. The influence of various process parameters namely pH (2,3 and 4), temperature (25, 35 and 45°C) and adsorbent amount (0.5, 1 and 1.5 g/100 mL) were studied using Box-Behnken design. According to the ANOVA results, the quadratic model with coefficient of determination (R2) value of 0.9984 and model F value of 487.80 was showed good fit of the experimental data to. Experimental conditions for optimum dye removal of 93.45% were determined as pH 2, 35°C and 1.5 g/100 mL adsorbent amount. Langmuir fitted better to the obtained equilibrium data for removal of reactive blue 19 than Freundlich and Temkin models. In addition, the adsorption kinetics was also studied for the reactive blue 19 removal onto peanut shell. The kinetic studies showed that the removal of reactive blue 19 fitted to pseudo-second-order model.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Adsorption, Experimental design, Reactive blue 19, Peanut shell

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