Mehmet Kemal GÖKAY, Arif Emre DURSUN


Rock cutting is developing area in mining and tunnelling sectors. In order to open an excavation inside or surface of the rock masses, they should be dig up to open engineered volume. Beside the conventional blasting methods result in total breakage of the selected parts of rock masses, rock cutting machineries are used in some engineering projects which they have cutting bits to trim the rock masses into small chips. Drag bits is one of the bit types which researchers are analysed for its design parameters for different rock masses. When rock bit cutting performances are under consideration, laboratory cutting test are performed and rocks are cut for different bit dimensions to evaluate its design parameters. In these researches cutting traces are photographed for test file data. It was realised here and analyzed some of these images for their colour properties. Different coloured sectors were determined along the selected cutting trace images which were compared also with the cutting force records of the related cutting tests. The colour distribution and colour difference areas of the trace images were then analysed with the cutting actions and rock mass features. The resultant enhanced coloured images and cutting forces fluctuation data obtained during cutting tests of drag bits showed that colour analysed can also be the indicators of cutting performance if they are carefully appraised.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Rock cutting tests; cutting traces; drag bits cutting traces; colour analyses; colour analyses of rock cutting trace images

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15317/Scitech.2016.59

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