The main objective in designing an embankment dam is to achieve a structure that keeps water and in addition prevents seepage in downstream that has piping and rupture. Therefore, the present study examined the effect of height on upstream and downstream slope stability of heterogeneous embankment dams with the same characteristics but with different heights at the end of construction and Steady-State Seepage and Rapid Drawdown. To investigate the effects of height, two dams with a height of 62 meters and 133 meters and 6 meters crest width were modeled in Geostudio software. The embankment dam is composed of 14 different areas with different characteristics. To analyze the dam stability, SLOP/W and to model the movement of water in dam due to presence of water behind the dam in a Rapid Drawdown and Steady-State, seepage SEEP/W in Geostudio was used. Finally, the obtained safety factors in two dams with different height are compared with each other and the obtained safety factor was compared with USBR safety factor. This research showed that the safety factor is safer for 62 meters dam. The safety factor in shorter dam is safer than long dam.

Anahtar Kelimeler

embankment dam, stability analysis, height, Geostudio, Slope/w.

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