Kerim KOÇAK, Raziye Merve KAYA, Adnan DOYEN, Ali Rıza SÖĞÜT, Veysel ZEDEF


In the Konya area, the Neotethyan assemblage is represented by Late Cretaceous aged Hatıp Ophiolitic Mélange, in where the metamorphic sole rocks crop out as thin slices beneath the sheared serpentinites and harzburgites, and Çayırbağı ophiolite. This study aims to characterize the mineralogical characteristics and chemical composition of the amphiboles in the metamagmatic sole rocks of the Hatıp Ophiolitic Mélange. The main rock types in the metamorphic sole rocks are amphibolite (amphibole up to 90.3 %); epidote-amphibolite (65.3% amphibole); zoisite-amphibolite (amphibole 52.2%) and amphibole-quartzite (amphibole 28.5%) with nematoblastic to porphyroblastic texture. The microprobe analyses of the amphiboles suggest that the amphiboles have crystallized from a wet magma in medium pressure condition (≤ 7 kb), and are magnesiohornblende, pargasite and edenite in composition.  The obtained data also reveal that the Neotethyan assemblage has experienced a regional metamorphism in greenschist facies conditions, which resulted in no chemical changes in the amphiboles.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Ophiolite, metamorphic sole, amphibolite, Konya

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