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Author Guidelines


Selcuk University, Engineering, Science and Technology Journal , engineering, science and technology qualifications in the areas described below are considered to be written in Turkish or English .

Research Article: original research articles which are reflecting on the findings and conclusions . Work must be necessarily contribute to science .

Scan the article : Adequate number of scientific articles by scanning the subject that summarizes current knowledge and technology level , and the findings of that evaluation by comparing the review is written .

Editorial Comments / Discussion : Posted on original research articles , except the author of the research , it is evaluated by experts in the field . At the end of the relevant articles are published .

Letters to the Editor : Recent articles published in the journal within a year of the readers about different opinions, experiences and questions are articles containing no more than 500 words . There is no title and summary sections . Resources are limited by the number 5 . Which article ( number, date given ) and at the end of dedicating this should be noted that the author's name , affiliation, address must be provided . Reply to the letter , the editor or the author ( s) by , is published in the journal .

Case Report : In cases of forensic engineering research, review and evaluation and review findings , if any are articles comparing with simulations .

Authors when they submit articles for publication with the publication Copyright Transfer Form ( can be obtained from the journal's web page ) should send in PDF format . Transfer copyright of the article in the magazine on the website and signed by the presented form is received. Signed Copyright Transfer Form submission of the author of the article is not published.

Author (s ) of the present study and the article about the ethical responsibilities that fit PUBLICATION ETHICS agree . Equally from each author is responsible for the content of the article . Articles submitted for publication prior to ithenticat ® ( Professional Plagiarism Prevention ) program, after being sent to referees . Articles are controlled by ithenticat ® program , plagiarism or self- plagiarism is identified not considered to article .

REFEREES: Author (s ) from at least two different universities , including name and e-mail addresses of three referees should give . Moreover, the author (s) does not want to review the articles may report the names of the referees . All the articles on the subject in terms of form and content sent to at least two referees shall review . Editor of the journal article can be sent to the arbitrator expressed .

PRINTING : After the completion of the missing set forth in the Referee's opinion , published in the journal articles that might , by the authors in the final print format will be returned to the editor . As published in the Journal of the errors can be found in the article are the responsibility of the authors .

Address for correspondence: " JOURNAL ", Selcuk University , Faculty of Engineering , 42040 Konya

Tel: 0-332-2410632 - 2410634

Fax: 0-332-2410635

E-mail: is


1 On one side of a page of text , double-spaced, enough space around the edges (25 mm) , leaving 12 pt Times newro financing using Turkish characters and A4 ( 210x297mm ) form must be typed . Scanning text and shapes , including works outside sources should not exceed 20 pages . Each application with a cover letter (communication shall contain information indicating the author ) should be done with . In the cover article of the article and the innovations that focus on what matters should be noted . All other correspondence existing process steps and descriptive work record number ( after the first application will be notified by e-mail ) must be made with a specified e -mail .

2 Sections of the work , if possible , should be in accordance with the following order : cover page , text , symbols, Acknowledgements ( if necessary) , Resources and Annotations . Recommended main section names are: INPUT ( INTRODUCTION ) , MATERIALS AND METHODS ( MATERIAL and METHOD ) , RESULTS ( RESULTS ) , evaluation of the results ( DISCUSSIONS ) , RESULTS ( CONCLUSIONS ) , ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ( ACKOWLEDGEMENT ) RESOURCES ( REFERENCES ) and annotations ( APPENDIX ) .

3 TITLE PAGE: Author 's title should be written in capital letters centered on the page , according to the title text , should be brief and clear . Under the title of the work, the author or authors name - surname and postal and e -mail addresses should be written .

4 Abstract: Abstract not to exceed 200 words, must be written in English and Turkish . English summary title of the work should be written in the same language . Summary of key words should be included at the end .

5 TEXT : In general, introduction, methods, results and conclusion sections relating covers . Used in the work of all titles , sub- titles , tables and figures under the names ( if fits on one line side ) Provision should be written in English as 8 points in parentheses .

6 SYMBOLS : all the symbols used in the text are given under this heading . Necessary, " Greek letters ", " Sub- Indices " can be used as sub-headings .

7 SOURCES: References in the text should be cited author's surname and date , respectively . Source is the work of three or more authors the first author's surname et al. form , the same author has been cited more than one work of the same date , after years of a, b, c , etc. . should be written . References should be given in alphabetical order in the following format .

If an article Source : Author's surname, first name , initials, year , " Full Title of Article ", the magazine's name (if applicable international abbreviations ), volume , number, number, beginning and ending page number of the article .


Knows, Sh. , 1995, " Laminar Flow Heat Transfer in Two Dimensional Wall and Fluid Axial Conduction Including Pipes ", International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer , Vol. 38 , no. 9 , pp . From 1619 to 1625 .

If a book Sources : Author's surname, first name , initials, year , title of book , volume number , if any, editor, publisher's name, the publication number , place of publication .


Kenneth L. Carper . , 2001, Forensic Engineering SA , CRC Press, Washington , DC, USA

Source book chapter is: Department of the author surname, first name , initials, year , " Department Name " , Chapter Taken from the book's name , volume , if any, editor, publisher's name, the publication where the department's beginning and ending page number .


Sarıtaş , S., Davies, TJ , 1987, " Reduction of Oxide Inclusions During Pre- Forging Heat Treatments ", Powder Metallurgy for Full Density Products, New Perspectives in Powder Metallurgy , Volume 8, Editors : Kulkarni, KM , Metal Powder Industries Federation , Princeton, NJ, USA, 417-430 .

Resources are printed thesis : Author's surname, first name , initials, year , title of thesis , type (master , doctorate), which provided college, institute , location .


Black , M., 2012, Low Velocity Impact on Post- Patch After Repair of GRP Pipes Under Internal Pressure Damage Behavior Filament Winding , Ph.D. Thesis , Selçuk University, Graduate School of Science , Konya .

Source convention is taken from a paper : author's surname, first name , initials, "Notification Title ", the convention 's name, the place , the notification of the beginning and ending page number, date of the conference .


Imrek , H., Bağcı, M., Khalfan , OM, " Experimental Investigation of Effects of External Loads on erosive Wear ", 12th International Materials Symposium, Pamukkale University , Denizli, 446-453 , 15-17 October 2008 .

If the internet or application notes Source : Articles Internet resources should not be used unless it is necessary in . Be given if the source format " Prepared by the institution or if known, the name of the person who prepared the document 's name , alındıg internet source address, date of visit ," he should be .


Tough , M., Güzeng , O., with examples Introduction to ANSYS Workbench , , visit date : October 1, 2012 .


8 ADDITIONAL COMMENTS : Additional comments section that may cause loss of continuity , especially in reading should be used to provide information .

9 TABLES AND FIGURES : Table does not include all the images ( photographs, drawings , diagrams, graphs , maps, etc.). Should be so named . Each table and figure should be numbered and mentioned in the text, according to the transition that will be closest to where they should be placed so . Top of the chart and table captions should be placed below the figure captions .

Schedule a time to the articles should be no smaller than 8 points . Schedules fit on one page is preferred , if necessary, may extend to a second page . Never be used in the figures handwriting . All graphics and photos printed on quality glossy paper and should be pressed . Color photography is acceptable, but will print black -and-white .

Shape , Sheet, Plate and Photos single column ( 7.5x22.5 cm) or double column ( 16x22.5 ) should be prepared to be placed in size . so faint and thin lines used in the preparation should be avoided. Descriptions of figures and tables should be written in English and Turkish . English explanations should be 8 points and italics should be done .

10 NOTES : Footnotes should be avoided as much as possible from , but if absolutely necessary , separated by a line at the bottom of the page that used to be written.

11 Terminology and UNITS: Terminology please the IUPAC Nomenclature for Organic Chemistry ( ) use . Chemical names , abbreviations, and acronyms ( acronym ) used for the first time anywhere in the article should be given in parentheses . A well-known procedures / reaction with a name should be given and should be given a suitable reference in the literature .

Please International System of Units (SI ) use . Unit for the use of International System of Units Pertaining to be Yönetmelikincelen . Unit for the wrongs done much in use can read the article in the link . Temperatures should be given a C-shaped . In English articles ' billion ' has two meanings unit ( 109 in the United States , in Europe in 1012 ) came to be avoided . Article:

Each symbol in the text and variables in italics ; units, mathematical formulas and abbreviations should be written as normal . And charts in the chart axis title in the form of variable size , such as the time t (s) , the potential E ( mV) , the current density i ( mA/cm2 ) should be given .

Turkish as a decimal number, the decimal point in the text , "the" in English texts, the " . " should be used. Percentage figures in Turkish texts by 90%, and 90 % in English text should be indicated in the form .


In the first part is the format for the first presentation . Evaluation and publication of the decision to referee articles, magazine articles on the web site available in English and Turkish examples in print format by the authors in accordance with the rearranged electronically shall be returned to the editor . During the introduction of printing the page number of the article , except there will be no job placement . All shapes, charts, graphs , pictures and other electronics must be in place within the text . Faculty of each issue of the magazine will be placed in the WEB page .

Articles in Microsoft Word (version 6.0 or higher) must be written .

The only part of the entire article and arranged in a column and paper orientation ' vertical ' should be .

Page structure margins as a ' Margins ' tab ' multiple pages ' option ' Mutual margins ' after being selected as the top 3.42 cm , bottom 2.04 cm , inside 3.14 cm and the outer 1.5 cm margins should be . Again, page structure ' Edit ' tab ' different odd and even pages ' and' Different first page ' box and clicked ' of application 'as' All document should be selected . Also on this tab header and footer information of the distance from the edge to be selected as 1.25 cm .

Text , " Palatino Linotype " Turkish character and should be written with single-spaced using 10 point and 7.7 cm in width, should be placed in double column ( 1 cm space between columns ) . 8 points are given in parentheses provisions should be written in English .

English abstracts of articles from the title part and the Resources section at the end should be arranged in a single column . Address the " SUMMARY " and the English title of the top two line spacing in the text between the title and the first paragraph line spacing should be .

Long equations to fit in a single column, in accordance with the terms and notations should be divided .

Click Here to Download the Magazine Association of the spelling.

 Click Here  to Download Sample Articles.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. And previously unpublished article submitted for publication in any magazine has been submitted for evaluation (the author gives detailed descriptions are in the Guidelines).
  2. Send a file in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, RTF, or WordPerfect document file format.
  3. URLs are provided for the current reference herein.
  4. Single line of text, 10 pt, highlighted in italics, underlined instead (with a valid URL) and all shapes, pictures and tables, page location is placed at the appropriate points in the text. To print quality copies of photos and send as a file attachment. Sent the file size becomes too much, the system can take. In such cases, divide the text, in addition to other departments as a single file, one can send.
  5. About the Journal added style and bibliography requirements here at the guide can be seen from the author.
  6. Your writing a journal with peer review section if you are sending here to make sure that blind refereeing. Comply fully with the recommendations in the Help page.
  7. General

    Only internationally accepted abbreviations are used.

  8. Cover Letter

    Intent for submission is indicated.

  9. Cover Letter

    Publication elsewhere of any part of the material in the manuscript submitted is identified.

  10. Cover Letter

    Potential conflicts of interests are mentioned.

  11. Title page

    Title, author name(s), affiliation(s), correspondence and source(s) of funding for work are indicated.

  12. Title page

    Title of article is given.

  13. Abstract

    Abstract of the Article was given.

  14. Abstract

    Not more than 250 words for Original Articles, 150 words for Case Reports.

  15. Abstract

    Abstract has been written in structured format (including Objectives, Materials and methods, Results and Conclusions subheadings)

  16. Abstract

    Abstract is unstructured in the case reports.

  17. Abstract

    Footnotes, references, and commercial names were not used in Abstract.

  18. Article

    Cover Letter, Title Page, Main Text of Article, Graphics/Figures and Copyright Transfer Agreement Form were prepared to submit online.

  19. Article

    Informations about the Authors and Institutions were not mentioned in the files to be submitted (except title page) in order not to interfere objectiveness of the Referees.

  20. References

    References were written exactly consistent with the Instructions for Authors of JCEI.

  21. References

    Unpublished data, personal communications, submissions under review, papers presented in the meetings, non-peer-viewed publications were not used as reference.

  22. References

    References identified within the parenthesis at the end of the sentence, e.g. "... (Uyaner ve diğ., 2000; Uyaner ve Kara, 2012; Uyaner, 2005)."

  23. References

    References are numbered consecutively in the order in which they mentioned in the text.

  24. Tables

    Tables are numbered with Arabic numerals.

  25. Tables

    Each Table was cited in the Main Text of the Manuscript when mentioned.

  26. Tables

    Each table contains all necessary information independent of the text.

  27. Tables

    No table contains information that can be mentioned in the text with a few sentences.

  28. Tables

    All abbreviations in Tables were explained under the Table.

  29. Figures

    Each figure was cited in the text.

  30. Figures

    Letters and marks on the figures are clear and sharp.

  31. Figures

    Legends for microscopic figures included information about stain type and magnification (e.g. HE, X200).


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I/We am/are author(s) the above mentioned article. I/We accept to transfer all copyright to Selcuk University Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology. This study is original, not published, previously any languages has not been submitted simultaneously. I/We accept all ethical responsibilities of the article and al authors agree with of the study content.

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